Approach with caution! - Hormonal!

Approach With Caution... Hormones on the loose!
So my two week wait has ended after our sperm donation  and still nothing and the picture to the right sums up how i feel right now!
I am working lots of hours and not grabbing much sleep so this tied in with the stress of getting negative pregnancy tests but being 6 days late for my period is driving me insane!
I am going to book in to see the nurse either tomorrow or Tuesday to see what is going on. I have kind of got my head into the mind set that i am not pregnant after having 3 negative tests, however being told by many people that they received negatives before a positive has kept me thinking positive.
I have been trying to keep  busy and my mind focused on other things to prevent me from over thinking or my raging hormones killing someone!!... My poor wife!!

After nothing has happened we have even started to question different things. Whether my body is not processing the sperm properly, which the doctors will only look into after…

donor contract and end of the two week wait!

Two week wait ends... and contracts! 
So many people who have been following my posts now know that we are in the middle of receiving sperm donations to create a little life. Me and my wife Jennifer have completed the 2 week wait and now letting time tell if we have a baby cooking or if we have to try again next cycle! Fingers crossed! We did do a test a few days ago which turned out to be negative but we realise it was too early as my cycles can sometimes be 39 days! So have decided to let nature take its course and see from there.

Lots of people have asked about contracts and agreements we have with our donor and i said i would do a blog on this subject. We discussed many pros and cons and what we felt was important to us so we typed into google sperm donation contract template and found the one below. We adjusted a few of the words and added our own signatures at the bottom which i have cut out for confidentiality reasons, but it seems to have worked perfectly. We are incredibly l…

Half Way through 2 week wait!

Half way through two week wait... 

So today is the middle of the two week wait and so far so good! Just hoping with everything i have that this turns out to be successful.
This week has been incredibly hard. My cousin who i love incredibly announced her pregnancy. I am over the moon for her and so happy but it hurts to find out she was successful first time trying. Here we are 8 months on and 4 cycles later having to count ovulation days and fertile periods! But even so i am very happy and cant wait till September!
The support from my wife Jen this week has been phenomenal, she knows its been a tough week for me. I've been incredibly hormonal and teary and having started a new job too, its been a good mix. I will be glad when the weekend arrives to have a good rest and hope the dreaded period does not arrive. 

nAgain i am completely overwhelmed with the responses i have received from my blog and have received many messages thanking me for doing y previous frequently asked questions. S…

FAQ - part 1

Frequently Asked Questions - These are personal opinions and not based on medical facts

How did you find out if the donor was STI checked?

When we first met our donor he brought along his STI check list and ID so we were able to see that he had been tested for all sexually transmitted infections and other diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. I have heard that some men have declined to provide an STI test however this is free to do with the GP and should be required to be seen before any donation. If my donor said there was a charge to get an STI test i would happily pay this to ensure my own safety before going ahead with the donations.

How did you find your donor?

We found our donor on a group on Facebook. I was very sceptical about looking on Facebook. We had used websites such as pride Angel and co-parenting but we found this not very useful to us. After having a look on Facebook i saw there were many groups set up to aid the donation process. Many however were from all over the world.…

Two Week Wait Begins...

Donation Day 2 And The Dreaded 2 Week Wait...

So today we received our second donation. We didn't think it was going to happen so we are incredibly thankful we have a good donor who was able to donate last minute. He came over to our house and was able to donate here in our spare room. We had a little chat and he went upstairs and did what he had to. As soon as he had finished i went and completed the donation The quicker the better the donation is received. After this i kept my legs up for about 20 minutes and raised my hips under pillows. It went very straight forward and felt really positive after it again. So the 2 week wait has begun and keeping everything crossed that the little swimmers fertilise the egg!

Usually after a donation my wife Jen feels quite upset due to the circumstances involved with receiving donations but this time she was ok and i feel she is getting used to this. I know personally that if it was the other way around i would feel uneasy about the donations …

Ovulating and Donation Day 1

Donation Day...!!

Today we had our first donation! This morning i woke up and took one of my clear blue ovulation tests. According to my apps i was meant to be fertile the 24th of this month, however after a feeling this may be wrong  i took an ovulation test and confirmed my gut feeling. I was finally fertile!

So seeing this obviously made me incredibly excited and contacted our donor immediately. An LH surge occurs 24 -36 hours prior to ovulation, so we have 2 days to get as many donations as possible. I have received one today and will be receiving another on Friday. However sperm lasts in the body for up to 3 days.

My wife Jen isn't very well today and spent all night vomiting, so i had to go and receive the donation alone. I was very nervous as i was going to his house and have only met him 1 time before. We chat a lot but i think its different chatting online and actually being in their company.
The donation went so smoothly and so well. I couldn't have asked for it to g…

Emotions and feelings

Emotions and Feelings!

So as most people know who have been following my blog we are going through the amazing journey of sperm donation to bring a little life into this world. We have had a few donations last year but due to timing and distance our donor lived we were unfortunately unsuccessful. With our new donor we will be receiving donations every 3 days and fingers crossed we should get pregnant quickly. 
So as much as these blogs are all positive, it hasn't always been plain sailing and happy. To begin with my wife Jen didn't want children and was very passionate about this. I was devastated as my sole purpose in life and if I'm honest with myself at first i considered whether our relationship was going to work if we had this big difference. It was like me telling Jen she couldn't have another sword to add to her Viking collection! After many many days and nights of talking about the positive and negatives and me child minding children, Jen started to become ama…